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How To Lose 1 Pound A Week

The Simple Approach – The easy guide to shedding a kilogram a Week

Lose 1 Pound a Day

There are many, many ‘miracle’ diets out there – but what if there was an easy, sustainable way to shed weight?

The good news is that there is. By making a few really easy lifestyle and diet changes you can watch that weight just fall away. The even better news is that these are not radical changes – they’re easy to maintain without sacrificing your quality of life.

Here’s your free blueprint to shedding weight and enjoying the benefits of a great new you.

1. Get rid of the cheese

No, we’re not talking about cellulite (although that’s an added benefit). If you’re eating a sandwich with added cheese every day at the office you’re not doing your weight loss target any favours. The same goes for pizza or the lasagne from that delicious Italian joint around the corner.
Let’s stick with the sandwich stats. A slice of ordinary yellow (not processed) cheese runs about 100 calories. Just leave it out. A smoked Turkey or ham sandwich is just as delicious without it. Substitute a low fat (or better – fat free) mustard for the cheese. You’ll still enjoy a delicious meal, but if you leave out the cheese three times a week you’ll be saving 900 calories – but still have all the benefits of the protein. You can go one better and switch to whole-wheat bread and cut down even further on the calories. No reason to avoid sandwiches altogether – but just eat smarter. Sorry about that lasagne and the pizza, no cheese means none of that.

2. Bye bye Buns

This one might be a little more challenging but you’ll be surprised how quickly it grows on you. Ditch the bun from the burger. Substitute instead with some crisp lettuce or even spinach leaves. Rocket or Bok Choy also works.  A crisp piece of lettuce has five (5!) calories and a burger bun around 250. The burger bun doesn’t bring much to the table apart from empty carbs. And trust us – that starch, especially in sweet fast food buns isn’t that delicious – your body is addicted to the sugar – not the taste. Add some low fat chilli sauce and some pickled onions and you’ll have a taste explosion that’ll leave you wanting more of the same.

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3. Ditch the fruit juice

A standard serving of fruit juice from your local squeeze joint supplies around 120 calories – and many of us are drinking a whole lot more than that with each serving. Go for naturally flavoured water (with no sugar added). You’ll save about 100 calories per glass. Do that every day of the week and you’ll save around 700 calories every seven days. And don’t be fooled by the promises of ‘big cola’ – there fruit juices are just as filled with sugar, they’re relying on your sweet tooth to keep you coming back for more.

4. All the Love for Lemon Juice

If there’s one mistake we all make it’s to enjoy our healthy green, organic salad with oodles of ‘natural’ salad dressing. Don’t do it – you’re being conned. Salad dressing is the bomb all right – a huge fat bomb. Aside from those preservatives and other chemical nonsense that are part and parcel of commercially available salad dressing it’s all just fat. You’ll be surprised at how delicious an organic salad can be if you just squeeze on the juice of half a lemon. Lemon brings out the natural flavour of fresh, raw vegetables. If you really want to make your salad pop then ask for something like a grilled vine tomatoes and spring onions, as well as fresh asparagus. Add few slivers of capsicum or a treat of fresh truffle and you’ll wake up your taste buds. That’s the real flavour bomb. Three salads like that will save you mucho calories.

5. Softly and Gently with the Oil

Recipes really don’t need that much oil. If you want to save an enormous amount of calories then by a diffusion. You can usually get the job done with just a thin layer of oil. A larger amount of oil can add up to 300 calories per cooking session (more if you’ve got a heavy hand). Make sure to use organic and first press oils such as rapeseed (canola) or olive oil. Some recipes may also allow you to use Grapeseed oil which is a great choice.  You’ll save around 250 calories per meal. That’s 500 every couple of days and those savings add up.

6. Your Quality Condiment

We like to think of Greek Yogurt as the King of Condiments. You can use it on sandwiches (instead of mayo or cheese – see hint number one). It’s also the best base for a dip that money can buy. Greek Yogurt clocks in at around 100 calories per spoonful – and the low fat version is just as delicious and score about a third of that amount – and it’s just as yummy. Ditch five tablespoons of mayo a week, substitute for the same amount of Greek deliciousness and save yourself around 335 calories.

As we said – make some simple changes without sacrificing taste or your decadent lifestyle and save hugely on the amount of calories that you consume every week. Watch the weight melt away. Oh – and stick with thin base pizza with extra toppings and cheese).

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