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10 Signs that You Might Be Suffering from Diabetes

25% of people may not know that they actually have type 2 diabetes!

Type 2 Diabetes Signs

Shocking new stats show that up to 25% of people may not know that they actually have type 2 diabetes – and this killer may be on the march through the western world.

According to some medical experts it’s not the red flags that put you in bed that signal that you might be suffering from diabetes – but those things that almost every adult suffers from on occasion. Why hasn’t felt lethargic or tired or thirsty? Work on a computer with a smaller screen (like a laptop) and you may find that your vision struggles to adjust to the real world. Drink a couple of smoothies to many and you might feel the need to go to the bathroom more often than usual.

But put these symptoms together and suffer from them for more than a couple of weeks and it may be time to go and get a diabetes test. Another challenge is that these symptoms can creep up you gradually until it becomes just a normal part of your life – so you don’t realise that there’s a problem until you’ve passed through the beginning stages of diabetes and are well into the middle stage – or even into the stage where may urgently need help.

This is a serious problem. The longer you go without a diabetes diagnosis or treatment the greater your risk for kidney problems and heart disease. In fact at the most serious diabetes can cause blindness and doctors to recommend amputation of extremities.

So if you’ve been feeling a bit under the weather it might be time to have a chat with your doctor. It’s also important to know your family history – if your Mom or Dad had diabetes it’s better to go and get yourself checked out sooner rather than later. A family history of being overweight is also a red flag.

Here are just a few of those red flags which may indicate that a trip to the doctor might be a great idea.

1.    Feeling the Pressure.

If you are going to the bathroom more often than is normal then it make be a sign that your body has become less efficient at breaking down the sugar in your food. The more sugar you have sitting in your bloodstream the more the body wants to get rid of it through the urine. You may not notice this – but if you’re going to the bathroom more often at night or if your sleep is becoming disturbed through the need to urinate then it’s time for a diabetes test.

2.    Thirsty much?

If you’re going to the toilet to urinate more often than usual then your body is going to need more H20 to maintain normal healthy function.  If you feel the need for more bottled water, fruit juice or other drinks (strangely the desire for chocolate milk has been identified) then your body is needing more water and sugar – huge warning that you should be raising the issue with your doctor.

3.    Lost a bit of weight? Great, or maybe not.

It seems counter-intuitive that being overweight can be a huge red flag when it comes to diabetes – but it’s also true that losing weight steadily can also be a sign that you are suffering from the condition. Remember – you’re losing a whole lot of water and that urine contains calories that your body is not absorbing. SO this is a bit more subtle. If you feel weak and out of sorts and you’re losing weight then it’s time to schedule that doctor’s appointment.

4. Got the Shakes?

If you feel hungry and your muscles feel like they’re vibrating then you definitely need to go to the doctor. If you feel the need to reach for carbs due to the fact that you’re unsteady it’s a warning sign. High blood sugar means your body has an issue regulating glucose. Eat carbs and your sugar goes through the roof and then drops like a stone – resulting in the shakes. It’s a vicious cycle and you need to get back in control. See your doc.

5.    Tired much?

If fatigue is becoming a huge issue in your life then Diabetes may be the cause. It may be that the food that you’re putting into your body is simply not being used effectively. Your cells aren’t doing the job and energy is just being excreted. This may be a slow process so fatigue can creep up on you. However, if it becomes chronic and you’re simply tired all the time – you need to pay attention and see a medical practitioner.

6. Mood swings

It’s a stressful world out there and we all tend to lose our temper every now and then – however if your friends and family are noticing a problem then it’s time to take action. Sometimes people who are in the early or middle stages of diabetes may feel depressed and may in fact seek counselling for depression – but it may also be the result of low blood sugar. If you just want to sleep and isolate yourself it could be depression – but it could also be diabetes. Get your blood sugar checked.

7. Blurred Vision

You sit in front of a computer all day so your eyes may take strain and take just that little bit longer to adjust to the real world – especially once you get past the age of 30. In diabetes glucose builds up behind the eye and causes blurred vision, changing its shape. You won’t go blind but go and get checked. Normalise your blood sugar and in six to eight weeks your vision could be back to normal.

8. Healing factor

High sugar levels mean that your body simply doesn’t deal with those scrapes and bruises so easily.  So if you notice a cut isn’t healing for months then it’s a good idea to have your blood sugar levels checked out.

9. Tingly foot

Diabetes causes mind nerve damage which may result in a ‘tingling’ sensation in extremities, especially the feet. If you have tingling or numbness consult your doctor.

10. UTI

Applicable to both men and women, but particularly women – if you are experiencing urinary tract infections on a regular basis then you need to see a doctor. Reinfections should worry you. The higher levels of sugar in the urinary tract provide bacteria with the perfect place to breed. Rather be safe than sorry.

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