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How to Sleep Better by Updating Your Bedroom

The average person spends one third of their life sleeping. You deserve to be comfortable in the process!

If you’re not currently getting a good night’s rest, it might have to do with your bedroom itself. Sleep in your very own sanctuary with these creative tips.

  • Eliminate unnecessary light: In order to get good sleep, it’s important to keep it dark in your bedroom. Consider installing blackout curtains or another kind of window treatment to keep sunlight and street light to a minimum. If you need some light to get to the bathroom in the dark, for example, try using a small light that detects motion.
  • Remove or reduce blue light: Sunlight and street lights aren’t the only detrimental kind of light. Blue light from devices like your TV, smartphone, and laptop suppress melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. When possible, remove screens from your bedroom. Or, try ending your screen time 30 minutes before getting in bed and read a book instead.
  • Cool (and freshen) your air: It’s easier to fall asleep in a cool, comfortable environment. Make sure your HVAC system is functioning properly and that you have a powerful (and quiet!) ceiling fan. While you’re at it, swap your air filter for a fresh one.
  • Paint your bedroom a soothing color: Color isn’t just an aesthetic choice! The color of your bedroom walls (and bedding) can support or inhibit your ability to sleep. Consider painting your bedroom a soothing earth tone like blue, brown, gray, or green. Bright colors like red, orange, or yellow can be distracting and overstimulating.
  • Pay attention to your bed: Try completing a kind of “bed audit” in your head: How old is my mattress? Is the firmness (or lack thereof) right for me? When was the last time I replaced my pillow? Investing in a plush mattress topper or soft cotton sheets (they breathe much better than polyester ones) could make all the difference.
  • Declutter and clean: You’ve likely had a busy day – the last thing you need is for your bedroom to cause you unnecessary anxiety when it’s all done! Avoid this by removing unnecessary clutter and giving your bedroom a deep clean. You may decide to build or assemble extra shelving to keep things more organized.
  • Turn on the noise machine and diffuser: Soothing sounds and smells could be just the thing you need to transform your sleep. Try playing soft music before bed or investing in a white noise sound machine. If you like essential oils, use lavender in your diffuser.
  • Add a house plant: Bring the peaceful properties of nature indoors by choosing a plant like a snake plant, English ivy, or peace lily. Not only will it bring the beauty of the outside world into your bedroom, but it will also give the space a little boost of purification.

We would love to assist you with any of these better-sleep updates. Explore our home page to learn more about our family of brands and to schedule service with a local Neighborly professional.

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