Bamboo is a versatile and resilient plant. Like coconut, each part of this tree has various uses, making it one of the best options for reforestation. One of the most lauded is the health benefits of bamboo extract. Over the years, various products like bamboo silica have graced the market. Bamboo silica or extracts are intended to bring perks for the hair, nails, skin, and other parts of the body. So what is it, and should you take such a supplement? Here’s what you need to know:

What are bamboo extracts?

Bamboo extracts are typically called silica since it’s made from the natural silica of the bamboo plant. It’s available in capsule or powder form in most over-the-counter stores.

The juice from the bamboo plant is extracted, on which the silica is then produced. There’s a wide application for such a natural supplement as it can boost your hair, nail, and skin health. Many experts say that it can also aid in asthma and gallbladder problems.

Aside from being a standalone product, bamboo silica is also a major component, among other topical products.

Who should take bamboo extracts?

Anyone who wants to have better skin, nails, and hair can take bamboo silica supplements. Also, seniors who want to fight aging can take this supplement to reduce the production of wrinkles.

Still, you should always ask a physician before taking this supplement. This way, you can determine the potential side effects and contraindication if you’re taking another medication.

Health benefits of bamboo extract

Bamboo supplements provide an array of benefits, especially for those who are using it right. If your doctor gives you the green light to take this supplement, you’ll surely enjoy the following perks:

*Speeding up healing of wounds

Unknown to many, bamboo contains poultice, which bears antiseptic and antibacterial properties. In fact, it has similar effects as taking antibiotics. If you don’t take supplements, you can actually use bamboo extract powder to treat an open wound.

*Boosts memory

Aside from being one of the top ingredients in the cosmetic industry, bamboo extracts are also great in fueling your mind. Its natural silica can improve cognitive function as it helps toughen up brain tissues and boost neurotransmitter performance.

Initial studies have indicated that bamboo extracts are promising as a medication for individuals with dementia. Still, further studies and lab tests are yet to solidify these indications.

*Improving the shine of your hair

Did you notice your hair getting dull and brittle? It’s due to a lack of biotin and other essential nutrients. Aside from using a hair conditioner during shower time, you can also take bamboo silica supplements. This mineral helps strengthen and boost the shine of your hair.

Regular intake of this supplement will also thicken the strands of your hair. This way, you’ll have healthier hair from the inside and out.

Also, bamboo extracts will help remove dead skin cells on your scalp. This will give way to better hair growth and circulation.

*Increase energy

Are you always exhausted? Taking bamboo extracts might help in rejuvenating your body. It will provide added energy and alertness so you can do better at work or school.

Thanks to the brain-empowering benefits of bamboo extracts, you will feel energized all day long. It will also help you stay sharp to stay on top of complicated tasks.

*Reduce the risk of skin-related conditions

Also dubbed as the ‘elixir of youth’, bamboo extracts help delay aging by fighting the development of wrinkles. The mineral content of this supplement triggers the production of collagen so you can have brighter and clearer cutis.

With this, you will have a lower risk of developing or contracting various skin diseases. It will also help reduce the onset of hormonal acne. Paired with a healthy diet and a simple skin regimen, you will have clear skin in just a matter of weeks. The best part here is you’re nourishing yourself from the inside and out.

*Stronger fingernails

Brittle fingernails can be annoying. Also, it’s unsightly and difficult to maintain. Bamboo extracts don’t just help improve your skin elasticity; it will also strengthen your fingernails.

What happens here is that bamboo silica enhances the absorption of calcium, vitamin D, and glucosamine in your body. This will manifest through strong fingernails. And as a natural beauty enhancer, there’s no doubt that bamboo silica will make you look good from head to toe (toenails for that matter!).

*Better bone health

As mentioned earlier, bamboo silica aids in the absorption of calcium. This is why it also gives you stronger bones and flexible joints. It’s a big benefit for those who are always in the move. Just make sure that the supplement is in line with your diet and other medications you’re taking.

How to choose the right bamboo extract

Are you looking for the best bamboo extract supplement? With numerous manufacturers producing various supplements, you should know which one to buy.

-Go natural or organic

Bamboo supplements are excellent sources of natural silica. So if you’re going to purchase one, make sure that it’s harvested from organically-grown trees. Also, make sure that it’s 100% natural, especially if you have a history of allergies and irritations to various substances.

-Look or limited ingredients

Some bamboo silica supplements are mixed with other ingredients as a holding agent. If you are to purchase capsules, make sure that it has limited and natural ingredients. This way, you’ll get the best value for each capsule.

And if you happen to experience allergic reactions to the supplement, the doctor can easily determine the cause of the irritation.

-Powder or capsules?

Bamboo silica supplements are available in either powder or capsule form. Both are excellent sources of natural mineral, but each one surely offers unique advantages.

Capsules offer a no-fuss way of intake. Just pop one each day, and you’re good to go. And since each dose is packed in veggie caps, you no longer have to do some measurements. It’s the perfect choice for those who have busy schedules.

On the other hand, you can also opt for powders. This can be added to your food, smoothie, and snacks. It offers a versatile way of having your daily dose of bamboo silica. However, it’s quite demanding for those who don’t have extra time for preparation.

-FDA registered

As much as possible, look for bamboo silica supplements that have been reviewed and registered to the Food and Drug Administration.

This is a guarantee that the supplement has been tested and reviewed for safety.

-Protein level

As plant extracts, you can also get a small amount of protein from bamboo supplements. It’s not a large amount, but amino acids from bamboo supplements are substantial enough to boost your health.

-Sugar content

If you have high blood sugar levels, opt for a bamboo silica supplement that has the least sweetener.


Bamboo silica supplements don’t have to be very expensive, but it shouldn’t be pocket cheap either. Just get the right balance between price and value. Take note that super cheap supplements usually lack in substance.

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