How often do you do things just to make someone happy? Do you seek approval? Do you depend on someone else? Well, you can’t let people decide for you. If you seek approval from others for everything you do, just keep reading the article.

We will give you a few great reasons to stop doing that.

1. It’s your life

This is absolutely true. You don’t need a permission from others to live your life. You are the one in control of everything you do. Of course, you can ask for an advice, but try to remember that your heart gives the best advice. Trust your instincts and follow your dreams. It’s your life after all.

2. Create your happiness

People around you can add to your happiness, but you happiness should never depend on them. You can’t just sit there and wait for others to make you happy. You are in charge of your happiness. Remember that.

Give yourself the love and respect you deserve. Don’t let others control your happiness. It’s all up to you.

3. Seeking approval is time-consuming

You can’t make people see things through your eyes. That’s why you should stop seeking approval for every move your make. It’s almost impossible for some people to understand you. Rely on yourself and your knowledge.

Listen to your mind. Make a decision, and do things your way. Tomorrow is never granted, so stop wasting your time waiting for others to understand you.

4. Free yourself

Depending on others is like living in a cage. Free yourself and rely on yourself only. You don’t need a permission to live your life. You don’t have to call others before you do or say anything. We create our own happiness. We have the power to free ourselves. Let go of your habit to please others. Please yourself.

5. It’s impossible to please everyone

There will always be people who will say that your choices are ridiculous. Don’t pay attention to that. Follow your instincts and trust your gut. Are you happy with your decision? Yes? That’s the only thing that matters in life. Stop thinking about all the naysayers.

6. Know yourself better

Once you free yourself from other people’s opinion is when you start living a meaningful life. Listen to your mind. What does it say? Try understand yourself. What’s your next move? Spend more time with yourself. It’s all up to you. Focus on your inner self.

7. You lose energy

Trying to please everyone will consume all your energy. Instead of spending it on your future plans, you decide to wait for someone’s message of approval.

Safe your energy for all the important things in life. You will need it for all your dreams and goals. Why would you let others take control over your life? Prioritize yourself and use your energy to turn your dreams into reality.

8. You are discouraged

You will meet a lot of people who only think of themselves. You will never “meet” the real you. Waiting for an approval means ignoring you own knowledge and value.

Listen to the little voice inside you. Get the courage and move on! Most people would love to see you fail. Don’t give them a reason to discourage you.

9. Your days are full of fear

You keep waiting for an approval and you depend on other people’s opinion. You hate the idea of being discouraged and stopped. It fills you up with fear and kills your mood. Where did your self-confidence go? You matter and your dreams matter, too. You can’t stop the clock.

Time will go by, and you will wake up one day feeling miserable about all the times you let other people decide for you.

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