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7 Foods to Recover Your Virility

Natural way to end erectile dysfunction

7 foods to increase virility

Those special moments when a man wants to be intimate can quickly become a disappointment if one suffers from a common disorder called Erectile Dysfunction. We know how embarrassing it can feel to be unprepared for such a life moment. Erectile Dysfunction can be devastating to men, and unfortunately, millions of men suffer from the condition.

The first step in satisfying the need to be intimate without interruption is to visit your doctor. While it may be a sensitive subject to discuss with any other person, seeing a doctor can provide a sound solution to your problem. Most doctors are able to prescribe one of numerous medications that create an erection for a period of time, allowing you to be intimate with a little planning ahead.

These medications, however, can cause a multitude of side effects. Some can be rather unpleasant such as… Ultimately, you may consider these medications as simply a treatment for the symptom rather than a cure for the disorder in general. More importantly, the medications can be very expensive. The added stress of working to pay for something that should come naturally may warrant some changes to your lifestyle that could help with Erectile Dysfunction in a more natural manner.

The Root Of The Problem

The basic function of erections relies on proper circulation, which determines the quality and length of your intimate time. Essentially, the more and better your blood flow, the better your erections will be. Fortunately, there are a number of natural remedies that can be incorporated into your diet and lifestyle that will assist in resolving your erection issues.

1. Add Some Fruity Fun

Fruits are one example of something you can eat more of to improve your chances of a natural erection. Fruits are especially helpful because they are loaded with natural sugars, vitamins and anti-oxidants which help with prevention. These foods are rich in anthocyanin and flavones which include blueberries, citrus products, strawberries, red wine, apples, pomegranates and pears.

Studies show that adding this to your diet reduces your risk by 90 percent, according to self-reported data in a collaborative study from the University of East Anglia and Harvard University.Given the above, a man might choose to adopt the Mediterranean Diet which encourages the consumption of fruits. Another way to incorporate these rich flavonoid-containing foods is to regularly consume fruit smoothies. Smoothies are easy to make with ice, milk, or yogurt and can contain many nutrients that help even your overall health.

2. Increase those Nitrates

Circulation, in particular, is improved by including foods with nitrates. By improving circulation with such good foods as leafy greens and beets, the quality and firmness of your erections have been known to increase. Beet juice is very high in nitrates, but may require some getting used to. Leafy greens on the other hand, such as spinach, could easily be incorporated into your diet. With a little planning, eating a dinner high in leafy greens before you want to be intimate is a proactive way to improve your response to sexual stimulation.

3. Choose Darker Chocolate

Dark chocolate has received a lot of attention in recent days as being healthy in small doses for the body. In fact, they are also full of flavonoids and, therefore, fall into the category of great antidotes for Erectile Dysfunction.

More important, it is full of cacao which increases levels of serotonin in the brain – an excellent way to boost your mood and help you relax and simply enjoy sexual activity. You’ll find that consuming dark chocolate before having sex will also increase the chances of reaching orgasm since it also increases blood flow to all the right regions. Consider integrating it into your dating ritual much like you would an aphrodisiac.

4. Pick Your Pistachios

A recent study showed that eating pistachio nuts every day led to a significant increase in sexual performance after just three weeks. In addition to lessening the effects of ED, it also had the benefit of increasing overall sexual satisfaction. What causes this almost magical effect? It all comes down to a protein called arginine, which, like the other things we’ve mentioned so far, help to relax blood vessels.

5. Slurp Some Oysters

Adding oysters to your diet, especially pre-sex, has often been fantasized as the ultimate aphrodisiac. But, there are facts to support how oysters help you get and stay erect. It comes down to the high levels of zinc and B12 found in this muscle food. In layman’s terms, these nutrients temporarily boost testosterone levels and production. Eating oysters (or shellfish in general) is a great way to help solve your low-T problem, which in turn, will reduce your ED symptoms.

6. Munch On Watermelon (and Pink Grapefruit)

Watermelon (and pink grapefruit) deserves a special mention in our fruits discussion because it is known to strengthen erections through the ingestion of an amino acid that increases production of nitric oxide. Once again, this increases blood flow at a basic level and will aid in the ability to maintain a hard erection for the most pleasure in your sexual encounter.

7. Mix Some Tomatoes and Olive Oil

Tomatoes, a part of the Mediterranean Diet mentioned above, contain lycopene which increases nitrix oxide as well, increasing blood flow to certain regions including the penis. Mixed with extra virgin olive oil and studies show you’ll have success given a few months of regular consumption.

While tomatoes are not an aphrodisiac, it can make an appeasing and easy addition to any diet for fruitful results.

Cut These Bads Out

In addition to adding certain things to your diet, you’ll do a lot to help yourself by taking certain things OUT of your diet.

Specifically, if you smoke, consider stopping. The nicotine in cigarettes is known to constrict your blood vessels, which reduces blood flow. Those smokes are literally working against your sexual performance.

Alcohol is another thing to seriously consider reducing your intake of. While a little bit of alcohol can increase your sexual desire, it’s essentially a poison, and can actually decrease your sexual performance.

If you’re serious about minimizing the effects of ED, you limit or completely eliminate these things from your lifestyle.

There are many more foods that we could discuss, but this shortlist is exactly what you need to tackle ED before it hinders your sexuality.

Diet is often the crux of our health issues, and the willingness to make some changes will go a long way to avoiding another pill and possibly healing what is broken the natural way.

However, if you find little success with just a change in diet, by all means, see your doctor. Just know that a “quick fix” isn’t a cure but a temporary solution to a long-term problem.

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