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3 Tricks for Managing Diabetes Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

Simple tips to get diabetes under control

3 Tricks to control diabetes

You went to see your doctor, he diagnosed that you are suffering from diabetes. He intensely scrutinized the report, but was a bit disappointed with your progress. Now he suggested you a whole lot of things to control your diabetes. Every time you took the appointment, he talked about little things like to cut off sugar from your diet. And next to take some leisure walk. Doing these things religiously will obviously help to keep a check on the diabetes.

The below list hints you regarding three simple strategies to control your diabetes not told by your doctor:

Include more fat to your daily diet

It is awe striking when someone tells you to add more fat to a diabetic patient. Well you heard it right as fat in your body plays a vital role to take up the insulin. In that respect adding fat will be better as it will easily control the level of blood sugar level. But take a pause and rethink that the fat should need to be a good fat that is trying to be on unsaturated omega 3 fat. Well you can find the good fat in foods like eggs, fish and the grass fed beef. So. try to include fatty foods containing good fat in your daily diet, in order to consume more good fat on a daily basis.

Rely on push ups

A diabetic patient should definitely spend a couple of hours on exercises. It is better to try hands on any kind of exercise that indulges strength. Although your doctor advised you to nail the cardio exercise as it draws up a bit of your insulin. Instead of doing that only you should also try to keep your whole body active. Few actually avoid straining themselves, for them daily push ups will surely help to move on. Even you can try some body squats, as this also helps to strictly control your blood sugar. In addition to that, it expels stress, and provides you loads of energy as well.

Repose and unwind

Getting stressed so often obviously wrecks your body. In fact, it discomforts a lot the entire body and hampers the level of glucose in the blood. That is why simply recline, relax and repose. Stay cool and calm because this helps to regulate the level of glucose content in the blood. Stressed mind always pushes you to gorge on more foods which somehow makes you eat beyond your capacity. Consequently, it negatively affects your blood sugar. Now once again you have to befriend with some simple relaxation exercises. You can try meditation. Even you can also practice different types of breathing exercises.

Thus, it is high time to gear up and revise your to do list if you really wish to control your blood sugar. The above said tricks will certainly help you out. But along with that you need to follow a good lifestyle. Now if you really want to stay away from the Type 2 diabetes, then do make sure to follow what is said. Hopefully you would not need to worry at all about your blood sugar.

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