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6 Reasons Why Women Should Lift

Something for the Ladies – Why Women Should do Strength Training.

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There’s no doubt that lifting will give you that sculpted body that will let you look and feel great – but there are a whole lot more reasons that weight training can benefit women from a wide variety of age groups and backgrounds. Combine lifting with some simple lifestyle and diet changes and the results can be absolutely breath taking.
Here are some of the top reasons that women are increasingly turning to lifting as a way to change their lives.

1. It’s a confidence booster.

Lifting weights and the attendant positive change in physiology increases self-confidence. It’s also a fantastic way to get used to the equipment at the gym and also get rid of any nervousness that first time gym users sometimes suffer from. It’s not just the unfamiliar weights and the machines that can cause even those with great confidence to feel a little intimidated. It’s also the fact that women especially may get the impression that everybody is watching them as they work out. This can really affect the quality of any workout.
The secret here is to keep at it. As you progress toward your training milestones your self-confidence will increase.  Within no time at all you’ll be master of that gym – and if people are watching you it’s probably because they want tips to get into such great shape or how to get the best of the machines on the gym floor.
And it’s not just at the gym that you’re going to feel like a million bucks – going shopping will have both men and women complimenting you and asking how you got into such great shape. Your jeans will fit better and you’ll look spectacular even if you choose just to wear a tank top or old sweatshirt. Lifting gives you the freedom to be you. You’ll feel and look great.

2.The freedom to eat those carbs.

Weight training frees you up to eat ALL the carbs. Perhaps not all, but definitely more than you’d want to eat on another type of diet and exercise regime. In fact you have to – your body needs that fuel so that you can get the most out of your weight training. With weight training it’s goodbye to limiting your carbohydrate intake so radically. Sure you’re going to want a green salad every now and then – but carbohydrates are where it’s at.
Take a look at these lunch options:
Whole grain sandwiches with lean deli meat, tuna or nut butter; vegie based soups and stews that contain lean poultry or beef; tacos with whole wheat or corn tortillas and lean poultry or meats; or a wok stir fry with rice, vegetables and tofu or seafood. Better than a green salad.
So, if you can have carbs all day on a leg day and your body will use up every drop of them to grow and maintain muscle. That’s a pretty good reason to eat carbs and get involved in weight training.

3. All the right curves in all the right places.

Lifting is going to grow lean muscle and change your shape for the better. Your clothes will fit and you’ll get those wonderful curves that you’ve always wanted. Cardio alone is simply not going to get it done. You can spend every day, all day on the treadmill and you’re simply not going to get that curvaceous figure. You still need to balance weight training with cardio – it’s really good for your health, but you really need to start lifting as well. Your butt will look fantastic and your legs are going to turn heads wherever you go. Jeans and shorts are going to be a real pleasure to wear.

4. Better calorie burning.

Weight training burns calories even once you’re done with your workout. When you stop your cardio workout that’s when the fat burning stops. Weight training burns calories and fat – and it increases your metabolism even when you’ve had the shower and are on the way home.  It’s the secret to actually burning calories even while you’re resting. Bigger and more muscle = more calorific burning.

5. Bone health.

Research has shown that women over the age of 30 start losing bone mass – And that’s a recipe for osteoporosis. Lifting weights has been shown to maintain bone mass and reduce the risk of slipping and falling. However, in order for it to be effective you have to train intensively. It doesn’t really matter what sort of weight training that you do. Suit yourself. Do squats, use the machines or even free weights – it’s all going to contribute to increasing bone density – and increase core and general body strength, which is increasingly important as you age.

6. Women are doing it for themselves.

Empowerment is one of the best reasons to start weight training today. Rather than having that man (no matter how much you love him) carry the groceries from the car or even move the fridge you can do it yourself. You’ll be amazed just how strong you are after only a few months of lifting. You don’t need the help – you just need training. You’ll never need to ask for assistance in moving house again – although it’s always nice, if it came down to the wire you could do it all yourself. And when you’re doing it you’re also continuing your training and the journey to real empowerment.

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