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9 Natural Ways to Kill Your Nicotine Craving and Quit Smoking for Good

6) Olfactory training

Research has found that training your olfactory senses can help you quit. Researchers made smokers smell cigarettes, rotten eggs or fish while they were in stage 2 of sleep which is non REM mode. This was done for a week after which they were found to smoke less during the training period.

7) Mindfulness

Studies on Mindfulness have shown that when you sit through a tough situation like nicotine craving or withdrawal symptoms, that helps a smoker to give up more easily. Along with mindfulness, you could also practice meditation everyday to strengthen your mind against the stress condition of quitting.

8) The one natural product that can help you quit

Did you know that if you are trying to quit smoking, then cream of tartar which is a byproduct of wine making process is very effective to eliminate nicotine out of your system? Powder tartar is also sold in chemists as a product called potassium hydrogen tartrate. It helps you quit smoking by making you dislike the taste of nicotine.

All you have to do is mix half teaspoon of cream of tartar with a glass of orange juice and drink it every night for a month. It will also reduce blood pressure and stabilize low levels of potassium in the body. Cream of tartar has additional health benefits as well such as fighting urinary tract infections too by flushing out bacteria from the system.

What happens when you quit smoking?

The moment you quit smoking, the benefits start setting in immediately. Just 20 minutes of going smoking free and your blood pressure and pulse return to normal. After 8 hours, the carbon monoxide levels in your blood decrease and oxygen rises.  After the 48 hour marker, your chances off heart attack reduce and as nerve endings start regrowing, your chances of smell and taste are enhanced.

After 3 months

After 3 months, your lung function will also start to improve as circulation increase and you will breathe easier than before. After 9 months, the energy in your body increases, and symptoms such as coughs, colds andcongestion disappear. Damaged cilia in the lungs start to regrow reducing the chances of infections.

After a year

After a year, your risk of heart disease is less than 50% than that of a smoker and your risk of stroke is the same as a non smoker. After 10 years your risk of lung cancer is the same as a non smoker and the risk of various cancers such as oral cancer is greatly decreased. You will soon become a healthy person with the risk of disease the same as a non smoker.

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