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4 Hidden Causes for Erectile Dysfunction

4 causes for lack of virility

Erectile Dysfunction Hidden Causes

The problem of Erectile Dysfunction is a daunting menace. It can attack any man, of any age. In recent times, however, it has attacked older men more frequently.

Once you turn to forty years, the likelihood of you being attacked by ED is very high. However, it is critical to understand that not every issue of sexual dysfunction is associated with the problem of Erectile Dysfunction.

It is evident that every man on earth is likely to encounter the occasional problem of performance. When this happens you, are always going to feel dejected and disappointed.

You feel like a failure, and to put things right, you seem like half a man, and who is unable to fulfill his responsibilities. It is important to note that if this situation is not happening regularly over short periods, there are chances that it may not be an ED.The common question now becomes, what are the causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

So below are some of its common causes.

1. Exercise, Diet, and Lifestyle.

The naked truth is that, in some cases, the problem of erectile dysfunction is a condition we inflict upon ourselves.

Even though these things might not be the direct cause of erectile dysfunction, it is true that they are the factors that make your condition worse.

This, therefore, is a huge category that is expansive and entails lots of information. In brief, here is what you need to grasp.

Consuming a lot of whole grains, watermelon, leafy greens, oysters, and blueberries will efficiently provide your body with all the necessary incentives it needs to enhance the quality of your erections. Most fruits are likely to work positively, though. However, you should try your best and avoid cigarettes, alcohol and also reduce your consumption of processed foods. This will ensure further added benefits.

Complement this with a dose of workouts, probably three times a week, and you are on the right path toward a better sexual health.

2. The Meds You Take

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You have probably seen numerous advertisement of certain medications on television. The worst part about these ads is that they consume equal time dwelling on the side effects of their latest drugs and in talking about their expected benefits.

Unfortunately, most of the medications that are available on the market today are manufactured to treat certain conditions but have other complications and side effects that include the reduction of the male sexual performance. There are numerous such drugs but the medication for blood pressure is a perfect example.

However, the good news is that in most instances, though not always, there are alternatives to the medications with these side effects. Therefore you can always consult your doctor for him to prescribe an alternative type of medicine. This can play a part in eliminating the problem.

3. Your Big Brain Functioning Against Your Little Brain

It has been scientifically proven that most of the causes of erectile dysfunction are psychologically initiated. Try to comprehend that this is not similar to saying that it is all in your head, because it is not.

Psychological issues are likely to result easily to numerous very actual ailments that are physical. Of course, that should not perplex you.

Stress can result in certain ailments of the heart, so why can’t other issues that are psychological lead to erectile dysfunction? It is such a pretty common phenomenon that is quite easy to understand.

To be precise, STRESS is, by far one of the core causes of erectile dysfunction. Bearing in mind that stress also leads to various heart conditions, it, therefore, becomes a nasty condition since it can knock you down twice.

Long before stress wipes you off the earth, it will certainly negatively impact on your entire sexual life.

It is true that our current society is filled with almost overflowing triggers of stress. We perform our job duties for many hours. We also don’t take sufficient vacations, but even if we do take, we again occasionally come with our work, thanks to the invention of the smartphone, which is ultimately a blessing and a curse.

It is faithful to highlit that it plays a significant role in keeping us in touch with families and friends regardless of where we are in the whole world, but this implies that we have the habit of never to unplug. We need that. We require enough time to relax and decompress. You can run and accelerate at high speeds for some period. But if you run for so long you’ll burn yourself out tremendously.

Therefore, if you keep going beyond that, your problems are only likely to worsen as time goes. But, why would you subject yourself to such problem? It has no grounds whatsoever.

4. Depression

It has been proven that depression is another cause of erectile dysfunction that is very common, and let us face it that way. It is true that when you get depressed, sex is always the last thing you are always looking for.

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Stress, in particular, is a nasty cause of erectile dysfunction. This is so because many of the antidepressant drugs available only worsen your situation of erectile dysfunction.

Depression can cause other harm in a manner not easy to notice because it is easy to get trapped in a self-reinforcing feedback loop trap that is negative.

What this means is that when you are suffering from depression, your self-esteem is notably low. Therefore, if you try having sex, the low self-esteem is likely to result in adverse performance issues. When you fail to perform sexually, your self-esteem is lowered furthered, which makes your future sexual performance issues liable to recur.

Once you are trapped in such a situation, it is tough to come out of it successfully.

Of course, one thing that you will find is not on the list is performance anxiety. This is because while performance anxiety has the power to lead to a reduced sexual performance in various specific conditions, these are mainly one-off events that are isolated.However, the risk is that a failure to sexually perform can to some extent lead to depression, which in turn can cause the problem of Erectile Dysfunction.

The Bottom line

The problem of Erectile Dysfunction can be hard to handle. As a man, it leaves you depressed and dejected. However, knowing and understanding its causes is key to limiting its consequences.

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